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A message to white progressives and their negro minions playing stoopid about the co-option of Ferguson, exploitation of the murder of Mike Brown and the murder of Darren Seals…

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

First, I make no apologies for my word choice or tone. We lived this, there is nothing you can say. You were not there in the beginning. Everything you think you know is from media reports, 2nd or 3rd hand. I cannot help this is the first you’re hearing about the co-option of what we started, the exploitation of the murder of Mike Brown and murder of Darren Seals.

This is not about envy or who is in the spotlight. I had an opportunity to join forces with those who put Deray in position the night Mike Brown was murdered. I refused. I refused countless interviews, requests for appearances and to create documentaries. I’m not in this for the fame, for a come up or to be a mascot for the Democratic Party or nonprofit industrial complex. That is not why I took to the streets. We took to the streets for justice and had our movement hijacked by BLM, Deray, Charles Wade and others in Ferguson in cooperation with the NPIC and Democratic Party. Darren Seals was murdered while working to expose this.

THAT is what this is about. We will not stop until everyone involved is exposed.

If you are a media outlet we can provide you with 4 years worth of receipts. Email your media credentials to