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People ask me what am I’m trying to do, my answer is simple, provide critical, historical and political analysis of what’s happening today to our people in corporate Amerikka, on colleges and universities as well as on the block, in the hood, in the streets, on lockdown, the forgotten…. hip our people to game, fill us with knowledge so we can stop repeating the same mistakes and get on a path to self empowerment, self sufficiency & controlling our own destiny. This is my response to Ferguson, the cooption, the false narratives and marching us back into the system/status quo/Democratic Party.

In an interview with the Village Voice Malcolm X said,
“The greatest mistake of the movement,” he said, “has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you’ll get action.”

“Wake them up to their exploitation?” the reporter asked.

“No, to their humanity, to their own worth, and to their heritage,” he responded. For Malcolm, an understanding of the historical achievements of Black people, as well as the origins and evolution of their oppression in recent centuries, was an essential weapon in the hands of those struggling for their liberation. (Source)

This is a fulltime job.

– Nyota

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