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Alex Poucher of STL Anonymous who outed Klan needs your help, facing 3 years for protesting in Ferguson

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

Alex Poucher of STL Anonymous needs your help! He is currently facing 3 years for protesting in Ferguson, being targeted and arrested numerous times after agreeing to a face to face meeting with Frank Ancona, Imperial Grand Wizard and Leader of the KKK after the Klan threatened Ferguson protesters… a meeting that was captured on video and broadcast on television, which brought Alex to the attention of St. Louis area police.

After being identified as a member of STL Anonymous, Alex became a target and then came the arrests. Numerous arrests and a slew of charges:

“INTERLOCKING ARMS WITH OTHER PROTESTERS TO PREVENT POLICE OFFICERS FROM MOVING PROTESTERS FROM THE STREET TO THE SIDEWALK AND TO AVOID ARREST”, “Unlawful Assembly” and “Refusal to Disperse”… this is what he was led to believe until he received a letter in the mail that said “Interfering with a Police Officer.”

Once known in law enforcement circles Alex got it from all sides… even being detained by the Department of Homeland Security for ‘making an illegal u-turn’: is one resource Alex reached out to for assistance. While we can help spread the word about his situation, we are unable to assist him financially. Like STL Anonymous and other freedom fighters, we are self funded, surviving on our wit and donations from supporters… unlike other organizations he reached out to for assistance but didn’t hear back from such as Hands Up United and Talib Kweli’s Legal Defense Fund, both of which solicit funds in order to ‘assist’ protesters and both coming under increased scrutiny in Ferguson for allegedly using monies collected to fund themselves, organizations they control and enrich members of their boards/committees instead of assisting the people of Ferguson, investing in the movement or helping protesters.

Stay tuned for our series of upcoming exposes which take a look at the various organizations soliciting funds on behalf of Ferguson and let you know who’s really helping and who’s profiting under the guise of fighting oppression so you know where to direct donations so that they reach real people who need your help rather than enrich organizations that aren’t serving the people. Click here to support our efforts in breaking stories like this.

Until then click here to read Alex’s plight in his own words below and please donate whatever you can.


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