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Sleep Is the New Woke



Sleep Is the New Woke

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

Sleep Is the New Woke is our live broadcast hosted by Nyota “bgyrl4life” Uhura. Each morning Nyota and the crew will provide critical, historical & political analysis of news & the pressing issues of the day. Read more…



#MoreThanHashtags Interview Snippet: Ronald Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s Uncle)

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

#MoreThanHashtags Interview Snippet: Nyota speaks with Trayvon Martin’s uncle Ronald Fulton on the eve of the 5th year anniversary of his nephew’s murder at the hands of George Zimmerman. They also discuss Florida expanding “Stand Your Ground” Marissa Alexander and Jordan Davis.

Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father is from East St. Louis. This hits close to home.