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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XI

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

By Sarah Kendzior

How the hell has it only been two weeks since Comey was fired?

Anyway. In the meantime, I went to Estonia to speak to foreign dignitaries, came back, wrote some articles and did some interviews. What a crazy two weeks. Here is the latest.

GOP: It’s time to get off the Trump Train. You have nothing left to lose (5/26/17, Globe and Mail)
There are many reasons to oppose a Mike Pence presidency — but his skill at lying is the biggest (5/26/17, Quartz)
Authoritariansim 101: First, fire the FBI director (5/12/17, Globe and Mail)

Hillary Clinton speech, HRC quotes and praises my book “The View From Flyover country”  (5/23/17)
AM Joy, on Trump’s oligarch envy (5/20/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior discusses Toddler Trump goes abroad” (5/19/17)
Chautauqua, KOPN 89.5 FM, Columbia MO, interview on Trump and Russia (5/18/17)
The Politics Guys, interview on Trump admin, authoritarianism, journalism (5/18/17)
BBC Radio 5, interview on Comey firing (5/9/17)
BBC World Service, interview on Comey firing (5/9/17)
Baltic News Service, “Kendzior: Truth Still Matters” (5/8/17)
Baltic News Service: “Kendzior: Trump’s feud with the media is largely fake” (5/7/17)

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Trump and Russia: My articles and interviews

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

By Sarah Kendzior

Here is a selection of notable articles and interviews I did on Russia, in reverse chronological order. If you’re trying to catch up, this is good place to start. For my work on authoritarianism and/or the Trump administration more broadly, see the Opinion, Media and Scholarly Publications sections of this site.

Shareblue, “MSNBC host blasts her own network for not asking Mike Pence a single question about Russia” (5/1/17) [my AM Joy full clip inside]

Want to survive another 100 days of Trump? Don’t get complacent (4/29/17, Globe and Mail)

Rewire, The Breach, “In the Shadow of Putin with Sarah Kendzior” (4/10/17)

Why Trump’s ties to Russia would be bigger than Watergate (3/30/17, De Correspondent)

Rick Smith Show, interview on Russia with Andrea Chalupa (3/29/17)

Crooks and Liars “Sarah Kendzior: Nunes a lapdog, not a watchdog (tape of AM Joy appearance) (3/24/16)

Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior talks Russia, Russia, Russia” (3/23/17)

Electablog “The slow rise of an American authoritarian regime” (3/21/17)

At long last, a forum where Trump cannot escape the truth (3/21/17, Globe and Mail)

AM Joy, on Trump and Russia (2/26/17)

AM Joy, MSNBC, on Trump and Russia, part 1 and part 2 (2/24/17)

Chicago Council, “Media and Democracy in a Post-Truth era” (1/19/17)

CBS Detroit, Trump Trying To ‘Fulfill Fantasy’ Of Teaming Up With Russia, Political Writer Says (12/24/16)

Trump and Putin: The worst case scenario (12/23/16, Quartz)

The Remix, What to fear from Trump presidency: authoritarianism, kleptocracy, Russia (12/19/16)

MSNBC, Joy Reid, panel on Trump and Russia (12/16/16)

Donald Trump, Russia, and the mystery of “these people” (12/14/16, De Correspondent)

Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin underscores an unsettling truth about the two leaders (8/19/16, Quartz)

Trumpmenbashi: What Central Asia’s spectacular states can tell us about authoritarianism in America (3/22/16, The Diplomat) [<–not explicitly on Russia, but set the stage for all that followed in terms of an administration modeled after a post-Soviet autocracy]


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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part X

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

By Sarah Kendzior

My articles and interviews from the past four days:

Marie Claire: The healthcare bill exposes Trump’s chilling authoritarian agenda (5/8/17)

Baltic News Service, “Kendzior: Truth Still Matters” (5/8/17)
Baltic News Service: “Kendzior: Trump’s feud with the media is largely fake” (5/7/17)
World Policy On Air: “Fabricated terrorism”. Podcast on parallels between Trump admin and Uzbekistan (5/5/17)
Pealinn: “Kendzior: Trumpi suhted diktaatoritega on suuresti seotud tema ärihuvidega” (5/4/17) [Interview with me in Estonian]

Now off to Estonia for the Lennart Meri conference and a talk at Tallinn University!

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