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What Time It Is!



Mental Illness

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot


I've been gone a long time. I haven't forgotten my readers. Ive been dealing with some mental issues lately, and dealing with them is very difficult and can be a lonely road for some people.

Sometimes a person has to step back and leave the external and focus on the internal. In a world where external is everything, its really easy to forget about the internal at times. When I say internal, I mean what's inside you. Whats going on can be really hard to understand. And I am struggling with that. Medication, therapist and all. Its difficult. Im holding on very tightly. At times everything gets away from me and I cant retrieve it. This caused anxiety and depression on top of other things Im dealing with. Plus others may not be receptive to whats going on with you either. I have to remind myself there are people out there who understand. Sometimes I feel so alienated that I fear that no one does.

If you know somebody who has been battling mental illness, let them know that I understand. Show them this entry. Don't tell them to pray about it. Please. Don't tell them that. Try talking to them about whats going on. It might be really hard, but please don't give up on them.



The Best Sermon Ever

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot


I keep seeing people say things along the lines of "If Black people would come together like they do to go to church, then things will be better." and that "Church folks are the hardest to persuade."  Well, this gave me an idea, and a possible solution to disunity between Black people in general:

What if the Black clergy members spoke about group economics and put it in their teachings? I think its possible for us to do and teach it. If all Black churches had the same model, and followed the same idea, then there would be more money to go around. I noticed we have a tendency to focus on the talking points of making these things happen, but if we start seeing more and more physical examples of what can be done, then we can create more by using the funds being donated to the church. 

They could talk about how bad of an idea it might be to kick children out of the house at an early age, upcycling furniture to someone within the family, helping a family member save money so they could get a head start on life, strengthening the family unit, and much more. Put it in context with The Word, and who knows what can happen. The church can be our most powerful weapon against White Supremacy if we work it right. The church can show the quickest turn around in economic growth that we need in order to thrive, and best of all, we wouldn't have to change much of our behavior. The one thing that needs to change is how the donations are spent. If we follow the model mentioned in the "Black Clergy" blog, then we would be set.