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What your contributions support…

Your contributions support independent movement media. Doing what we do tends to put us at odds with the establishment/powers that be, movement leaders and black misleadership. This is a full time job. Our lives have been disrupted. We are targets because of the information we put out. Shit is real. Our comrade Darren Seals was assassinated while bringing certain truths to light.

This work is necessary and it must be funded by the people in order that we maintain control of our narrative. We welcome support from those outside our community, those who support with no strings attached.

Donations fund everything we need to do the work we do, from tangible items such as servers, broadcasting equipment and electronics to the necessary precautions we have to take to ensure our personal safety and the security of our work.

You can see your contributions in action here on this platform,
on #handsupdontshoot Radio,
Sunken Place | STL, and
Sleep Is the New Woke

Click here to support our efforts. No donation is too big or too small.

This work doesn’t happen without you.

Thank you for your support!