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Investing In Our Youth

Hip Hop Chess Federation
The HHCF has received countless awards for their focus their unique lessons that combine music, chess and martial arts to increase mental and physical strength while helping youth make positive life choices.

Dynasty Hip Hop Mentoring Program
Dynasty Hip Hop Mentoring Program founded by Jihad Muhammad uses hip hop culture as a tool to impact the lives of youth at risk. The Dallas based program sponsored by the Dallas Weekly partners with media, studios, record labels and artists to offer mentoring and provide alternatives. Dynasty Hip Hop has worked in a collaborative effort with Steve Harvey’s Father’s Day Mentoring Weekend and has feature some of the biggest names in entertainment including Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Ice T, J. Cole and Rick Ross.

Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture
The Global Awareness through Hip Hop Culture Program is a school based program which uses Hip Hop as a medium for youth empowerment. The program was founded by Sebastian Elkouby after working with the Kanye West Foundation to help develop an educational Hip Hop curriculum for the Foundation’s flagship program, Loop Dreams. The program has been embraced by public and charter schools in South Central Los Angeles and throughout the State of California.