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Lots of new narratives and flipping of scripts…

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

“The breaking point came when a major news outlet profiled him without first conducting an interview. The result, he says, was an account that credited him with successes in social-justice movements he wasn’t even involved in. “If I was a person in the [immigrants’-rights] movement, I would look at this article and think, ‘Who the hell is this dude?’” he told me. “I really panicked. I imagined somebody saying, ‘Why is this dude telling Time magazine that he’s been in the forefront of these movements, and we’ve never seen him here?’””The people who the liberal media and social media have elevated to the position of national leader or spokesperson do not share the values of the movement,” Selah told me. “The ideas that they put forth, the platforms that they put forth, are neoliberal and do not come from a rooting in movement, don’t come from a liberation framework, from an abolition framework.” (Mckesson declined repeated requests for an interview for this story.)”Philip Agnew aka Selah developed this new stance after being falsely credited with successes in movement’s he wasn’t even involved in, til the pushback, it was all good… His new stance came after people started speaking out in Ferguson about him, Deray and Black Lives Matter, how they were credited with successes for things they weren’t involved in… how they were elevated to position of national leaders and did not share the views of our movement. Don’t be fooled. He’ flipping the script and taking control of the narrative while pointing fingers at Deray when he did the same exact thing. I don’t trust him and I don’t believe he’s sincere.. He may not be tweeting as much, but he’s sure doing a lot of interviews… and not once has he ever owned up to the role he played knowingly or unknowingly in the hijacking of Ferguson.

The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Most Visible on Twitter. Its True Home Is Elsewhere.

In March 2012, nearly a month after George Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, hundreds of high-school students in Miami-Dade and Broward counties staged walkouts to protest the fact that Zimmerman hadn’t been arrested on any charges.