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Our Wishlist

Our needs change with the circumstances on the ground. Fortunately things are not as chaotic on the ground, so don’t need more gas masks, ear masks, ear plugs, vinegar, maalox, eye goggles, etc.

But we do need the following new or used for a mobile radio & video station:

– DJ, graphic designer, audio and video editor
– Access to studio & studio engineer
– Video/Audio/Streaming: Dedicated Macbook / Windows 8 Notebook / Tablet or Ipad
– Broadcasting: Board / Mixer / Turntable / Microphones, Headsets, Headphones
– Surveillance: Bodycams/Spycams /Surveillance System
– Communication: Two-Way Radio: 2-Way Radios, Walkie Talkie
– Prepaid debit cards for misc like hosting, bandwidth, prepaid wifi, mobile hotspots, travel & gas

If you have or are willing to provide any of these services or items please let us know!

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