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Independent guerilla movement media network has grown from one platform launched in August of 2014 to include…

handsupdontshoot Radio
#handsupdontshoot Radio launched as means to control our narrative, shape the dialogue and amplify marginalized voices that speak truth to power.

Sunken Place STL
Community driven news portal for people in the region to share, strategize, explore alternatives, air grievances, speak in one accord to those in power accountable.

The Revolution Will Be Broadcast
Digital radio, video streaming platform and support base for media analysis, alternative views and out of the box thinking not heard in black mainstream media.

Sleep Is the New Woke
What started out as going to be a podcast show dedicated to our fallen comrade Darren Seals has expanded to become a live broadcast featuring Nyota Uhura each morning expounding upon her daily posts and discussing the issues. “Sleep Is the New Woke” was Darren’s last pinned tweet before he was murdered. Dedicated to Darren’s memory.

These platforms and online communities are made possible by support from sponsors and like minded individuals. Click here to support this work!