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Born Targets by DOA ft Young Noble & Darren Seals

Born Targets by DOA ft Young Noble & Darren Seals

The Music of Michael Brown...

The Music of Michael Brown…

Michael Brown Jr more than a typical St. Louis teen who just graduated highschool and was looking forward to starting college in the fall. He was an artist, an aspiring rapper who had big dreams of putting the city on his back. And did so more than any other rapper from St. Louis without selling […]

Black Philanthropy: Class Enemies to the Rescue

June 23, 2017 : Episode 94 Pride Month, Cosby’s Sexual Assault Tour, Cosby’s College Funding, Ted Kaczynsky, Real White People, Gun Culture, We Lost Lebron (James), Black Success, Black Philanthropy, Policing Black Women, World Wars…

Social Castration: Obsolescence of, & Opportunities for Manhood

June 16, 2017 : Episode 93 Leftist Terrorism, The Myth of White Supremacy, Affirmative Action for Whites, Systemic Racism, Domination Ain’t Supremacy,  White Polarization, Utopianism, Opportunities for Manhood, Morris Berman….

Father’s Day: Black Militants Worshiping St. Joseph

June 14, 2017 : Episode 92 St. Joseph’s Day, Broken English, Artificial Cooling, The Simp Brigade, Secularism in the Movement, Marriage Counseling, Suffering with Your Children, Fatherhood, Black Marrage & Break-Ups, Evers, Rodney, Guevara….