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Black Lives Matter: Do you exploit pain for financial gain?

Like people all over the world, the atrocious video changed my life. It caused me to want to make a financial contribution to Black Lives Matter (BLM) immediately because I thought it was a credible and structured organization.

Unfortunately, my research shows that BLM is a disorganized hodgepodge of different entities using the BLM name to raise money to (supposedly) “liberate” black people.

There is absolutely no financial transparency which is not only unprofessional but also irresponsible. Thousands of people contributed to BLM since May 25, 2020, when Mr. George Floyd was murdered because they want to help BLM make a difference.

Sadly, based on my research, I have come to the conclusion that it (seems) as if BLM exploits pain for financial gain because there is no way to “follow the money” it generates.

This video message explains how I conducted my research and how I plan to share information about all of the BLM entities that raise money.

Susan Woods

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