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The Truth About Black Lives Matter



Who is Soros and why him funding Black Lives Matter matters

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

“I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do” – George Soros, 60 Minutes interview

This is the Soros described in this 60 Minutes interview from 1998 almost 2 decades before the hijacking of Ferguson.… More



Darren Seals exposes Black Lives Matter

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

“Where the fire go, where the passion go where the pain go, where the anger go. Money, that’s where it went.” – Darren Seals

Darren Seals exposes Black Lives Matter, Deray, Netta, Charles Wade… how they all came into national … More



“Darren Seals spoke of Ferguson being coopted, said “black death is a business”. Then he was murdered” – Sarah KendziorI cannot thank Sarah enough for this piece… Mainstream and even ‘black’ media wouldn’t touch this.

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

Meet Darren Seals. Then tell me black death is not a business

This Ferguson protestor and local activist was found murdered in St. Louis last month. To the end, Darren Seals continued to call out those who exploited black suffering … More