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“Ferguson Was Right Near a New Intelligence Agency Building! The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is the future of NatSec analysis. Throwing fake riots near its new building was very naughty.” – Eric Garland

Ferguson exploded *as soon as* the Feds picked a site just south of there for the most important intelligence agency expansion of the century. Enemy spies adored how the locals (more…)



“Covering for the Ferguson Op: How a long-time prosecutor was key to making sure the hostile foreign intelligence-assisted autocracy stress test never got properly investigated. ” – Eric Garland

How the dodgy “prosecution” of Michael Brown’s killer helped lead to the Trump Era. With a cameo from JFK and Frank Sinatra! Because you can’t understand Ferguson without looking at (more…)



“Ferguson Was a Planned Political Warfare Op Michael Brown was murdered as part of a conspiracy between domestic traitors and hostile foreign intelligence.” Eric Garland

Latest Substack! Episode 2: Why, building on a long tradition of racism and gangsterism, a suburb of St. Louis was carefully chosen as the site of autocratic political theatre in (more…)