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What Time It Is!



Using The Field of Science As a Way of Life

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

The only field of study that never really has the chance to repeat history is science because all they do is test hypotheses. They examine, study, learn, apply and innovate based around their findings. I think Black people ought to follow that model so we would never fall for the okeydoke and see it before it happens in the first place.

We must study our role in this country and how things got the way they were then to what they are currently. What were the attitudes of the masses at that time? How did they influence policies that were made in regards to us as a people? When did those changes take place or if there were changes? Many questions like these need to be asked in order to understand what is going on with us and what has been going on in the past.

People say we should forget the past and look towards the future instead. Blindingly looking towards the future without looking at the past is destructive and keeps a person stuck because they can’t learn from their mistakes. As a result, they will continue to repeat history. That’s where we are… still repeating history because we want to stay blind. Lather, rinse, repeat. Its self defeating at best. Id rather study, learn, do, and innovaate vs stay stuck because, “some things should stay in the past”.

The truth is, we pick and choose what we want to remember. Some are willing to hide the truth and stay willingly ignorant so they can get by. Some rather know the whole truth and be better. But one must ask themselves the following questions: “What side of history do I want to be on? Do I want to be the same as the slave who actually did their best to free themselves and their families? Or do I want to be the elderly slave who accepted their position as a slave and balked at freedom when it became an option?” Your choice.



Voting Won’t do Shit for Us

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot
This is talking about the different forms of social media. Its basically how I feel about people sending me a certain form of information. Please take this into consideration before getting hiffy and puffy about what I'm about to say. Here's the thing:

Dont share any police brutality videos to me, or any bullshit involving mistreatment by white people. Ya'll might feel some kind of way about what I'm posting, but I don't care. Unless you have a solution for these intentional miscarriages of justice then you can decide to tell me what you plan on doing to actually stop these things fron happening.  Sharing them with no solution is like sending a bunch of rage porn to me. Im not interested in viewing it. Like I said, come with a solution. This has been going on forever and I dont care if "this aint the 60s". The problem is that those in the 60s dropped the ball. They raised a ruckus then shut up and got good jobs. Thats all they did. They failed to look out for those in the future. 

Like I said, come with a solution. Marching, praying, begging, kneeling and stuff like that is played out, its tired and hasn't resulted in anything applicable to today. We can't vote our way out of this either because we've been voting and the shit is still going on. 

Build our own so we don't have to be pandered to by these politicians or perish.

That's all I have to say about that.



On Pro Black Music

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

I was listening to Ruste Juxx and Pete Rock's, video  titled, "Black Fist".

Normally, I  enjoy this kind of music with a message, but it made me tired for some reason. I wondered if I should feel this way, and does it affect my status on the Blackness hierarchy Scale (c). At first, I didnt know why I felt this way, and my first reaction was fear after feeling tired. It took me some time to figure out why I was feeling that way. Now that I can articulate why, I can calmly tell a person to GTFOHWTBS if they feel some kind of way about my feelings, and here's why:

It seems we are all about talk and no action. We fall for symbols everywhere versus actually coming up with a plan to do something about where we are right now. This song is nothing but a symbolic action. How many times have we said it loud, "I'm  Black and I'm Proud"? What good is being proud to be Black when we are stuck with the same failed policies, the same stale Black politicians who serve as nothing more than Black faces in high places that emulate the same White supremacist policies that have been put into action since forever? What good is putting your fist in the air when we refuse to hold these Black politicians accountable? What good is putting your fist in the air when they enact toothess programs in order to "stop the violence" instead of offering a comprehensive witness protection program to help protect the citizens who want to report crimes? What good is being proud to be Black  when we die by the hands of White cops and so called "do gooders " who take the law into their own hands? All we do is die beautifully proud. That's it. Where is the pride in that?

Why can't we take our own neighborhoods back without cops or in some cases, the National Guard?  Why do we even need those entities in the first place? Why can't we remove all of the Asian and Arab stores and replace them with Black owned businesses? Why do we constantly ask beg and plead for help from others (so called 'Black and Brown unity')? Why can't we do this on our own? Why don't we believe in ourselves enough to the point where we don't feel the need to beg and plead? Sure, we are 13%of the population according to their statistics, but that doesnt stop others from doing what they think is necessary for their survival. We are the only ones who ask for and "need" help. Why? Where is the pride in that?  Why does Black clergy (the ones closest to the regular Black folk) blame celebrities for the lack of contribution of bettering the community when clergy are the closest ones who take money from regular Black folk in the first place? Why do they feel that celebrities (the ones who are so far removed from the regular Black experience) should step up to the plate when (as I paraphrase  Dick Gregory)  "Aint no revolution happen by blowing no damn trumpet."?  Where is the pride in that?!

Somebody please tell me where is the pride in these actions, because I really dont see a damn thing I should be proud about. Sure, we are the trendsetters when it comes to fashion, vernacular, music,  etc, but our lives are and continue to be undervalued. They only love our  political figures when they are dead, and our political efforts get glossed over while we we are alive or in action. For example, plenty of Whites hated Obama while he was president, but now that Trump is in office, all of a sudden the Obamas are the epitome of class (except while in office, Michelle Obama was "a man " and Barack  was "a Muslim terrorist", and they hated Obamacare, but loved The Affordable Care Act, but that's not my business).  Why do we continue to work where we are undervalued and underappreciated? Where is the pride in that? Again, somebody please fill me in because I must be missing something.

Sure, everybody wants what we have, but we have no real power until we divest in this system that devalues us so, and start our own without letting everybody and everybody in. That's our biggest weakness. We let our things get watered down and then throw them away once they are oversaturated with others. Don't believe me, just ask Rock,Jazz, and Blues music. Where is the pride in that?!

Anyway, that's my rant for the week. I might say something else later, I  might not. We'll see.