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Did Black Lives Matter Leaders Cash In on a Movement?

This week, Briahna Joy Gray interviewed Sean Campbell, author of a viral story criticizing the murky finances of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. After raising 90 million dollars during 2020, at least 60 million remains undistributed and unaccounted for, and local organizers feel abandoned and/or undermined by national leadership. As BLM’s national leadership distanced itself from radical protesting and embraced corporate partnerships with UGG and Levis, local leader struggle to pay rent, and some of the families of the slain Black Americans whose tragic deaths sparked the movement feel dismissed. Meanwhile, most mainstream outlets have declined to devote resources to investigative reporting on this issue, and Campbell has been smeared as “racist” and “sexist” for simply following the paper trail. Here Campbell explain why he pursued this story, what he uncovered, and how you can support local BLM organizers.

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