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How the Ferguson Commission Failed Young Black Boys & Men

ferguson commission DOCUMENT

“I have gone through the entire draft of this document twice and in my opinion its disappointing. Please read for you own understanding. In the entire document there is only one sentence that specifically targets black youth. Yet, you have 2-3 sentences in different sections devoted to the specific interests of “other” populations. The section that the clergy were supposed to be addressed in is left blank. There should have been several more clauses that said something like this… “with specific focus on African Americans”… since they were the most aggrieved population in every category. In my opinion it is written as a colorblind document and in the interest of “diversity” initiatives of the private/philanthropic sector and ultimately will employ primarily white people to collect data, do the research, and implement the outcomes. No where in the document does it mention Mike Brown,… “Diversity” was not lying out in the street for four hours last August. Finally, on a personal note, as a scholar and parent, son and brother, I am fatigued with other groups outright taking the voices of poor, educated and working class Black men and refashioning their blood and pimping their pain for every other agenda except their own.” – Dr Reynaldo Anderson

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