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Is Attorney Ben Crump a vulture?

Attorney Ben Crump has a very lucrative civil law business. His law firm earns one-third of the proceeds it wins in settlements. For example, his firm earned $8,991,000 from the George Floyd $27 M settlement.

Is Attorney Ben Crump a vulture?

Does Attorney Ben Crump exploit the emotional pain for financial gain? Since the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, Ben Crump seemingly shows up every time a Black person is killed by a white police officer.

The most recent example is when he showed up to represent the parents of Duante Wright who was killed on April 11 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota by a white police officer.

This video explores the “vulture” question and how two mothers are demanding that Ben Crump stop using the murders of their sons as promotional tools to make money.

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