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Nyota Uhura is Back!

Nyota Uhura is Back!

Today the Onyx Report with Dr. T. Hasan Johnson will interview Nyota Uhura at 5pm(PST)/7pm(CST)/8pm(EST)! We’ll interview her on her brilliant analyses on the current political climate for Black America, the role various Black protest movements have played in the last few years and how we’ve been led astray about what’s actually happening! We’ll also discuss Darren Seals, BLM, Ferguson, local and national politicians, and where the best place to get your real news from regarding Black America! I’ll be broadcasting on YouTube at my channel and here on Facebook!

Welcome to “The Onyx Report with Dr. T. Hasan Johnson,” a critical analysis program focusing on the experiences, histories, and perceptions of Black males in American society. I am an associate professor of Africana Studies at Fresno State, Black male advocate, and Black Male Studies scholar. The show will examine current events while engaging concepts ranging from institutionalized anti-Black misandry to gynocentrism from a Black Masculinist perspective.

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