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Using The Field of Science As a Way of Life

  • By Hands Up Dont Shoot

The only field of study that never really has the chance to repeat history is science because all they do is test hypotheses. They examine, study, learn, apply and innovate based around their findings. I think Black people ought to follow that model so we would never fall for the okeydoke and see it before it happens in the first place.

We must study our role in this country and how things got the way they were then to what they are currently. What were the attitudes of the masses at that time? How did they influence policies that were made in regards to us as a people? When did those changes take place or if there were changes? Many questions like these need to be asked in order to understand what is going on with us and what has been going on in the past.

People say we should forget the past and look towards the future instead. Blindingly looking towards the future without looking at the past is destructive and keeps a person stuck because they can’t learn from their mistakes. As a result, they will continue to repeat history. That’s where we are… still repeating history because we want to stay blind. Lather, rinse, repeat. Its self defeating at best. Id rather study, learn, do, and innovaate vs stay stuck because, “some things should stay in the past”.

The truth is, we pick and choose what we want to remember. Some are willing to hide the truth and stay willingly ignorant so they can get by. Some rather know the whole truth and be better. But one must ask themselves the following questions: “What side of history do I want to be on? Do I want to be the same as the slave who actually did their best to free themselves and their families? Or do I want to be the elderly slave who accepted their position as a slave and balked at freedom when it became an option?” Your choice.

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