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**Activist bgyrl4life Launches “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio” to Amplify Voices of Change**


**Activist bgyrl4life Launches “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio” to Amplify Voices of Change**

[ST. LOUIS, 08/10/23] – Renowned activist bgyrl4life has proudly unveiled “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio,” a groundbreaking platform dedicated to promoting music, discussions, and interviews that shed light on the impact of social injustices. The launch of the radio station comes as an extension of the successful initiative, which aims to honor the memory of Mike Brown and the Ferguson uprising, while also challenging the narratives perpetuated by mainstream sources.

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio” was born out of the need to give a voice to artists whose lives have been deeply affected by the tragic death of Mike Brown and the ensuing protests. These artists have found a space to share their stories and emotions through their music, and bgyrl4life recognized the importance of providing a platform where their voices can be heard.

Mike Brown, who was an aspiring rapper, will finally have his music reach the airwaves, allowing the world to hear his powerful message. His songs are now a part of the radio station’s rotation, contributing to a playlist that reflects the spirit of the Ferguson uprising and its enduring impact.

The radio station offers a diverse playlist that not only showcases music inspired by Mike Brown and the Ferguson movement but also features interviews, discussions, and thought-provoking content. bgyrl4life, also known as Nyota Uhura, along with other key figures such as the late Darren Seals and CJ Sullivan, aims to provide an unfiltered perspective on the events that unfolded during the protests and the subsequent political landscape.

One of the memorable moments leading to the creation of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio” was when bgyrl4life captured a photograph of Dead Prez complying with a call to put their hands up, signifying solidarity with the movement. This powerful image encapsulates the essence of the station’s message – a call for unity, justice, and change.

Listeners can tune in to “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio” via various platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, TuneIn, and more. For easy access, individuals can use the provided links or search for ‘handsupdontshoot Radio,’ ‘#handsupdontshoot Radio,’ or ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio’ on their favorite search engines or apps.

As the station gains momentum, bgyrl4life’s vision of amplifying marginalized voices and challenging established narratives is set to make a lasting impact on the discourse surrounding social justice and inequality.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact:

[Nyota Uhura]

### About bgyrl4life

bgyrl4life is a dedicated activist and visionary known for her relentless commitment to social justice causes. With the launch of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Radio,” she continues her mission to uplift marginalized voices and foster crucial conversations that challenge conventional narratives.

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