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Kanye West and Candace Owens try to take credit for exposing BLM, something Darren Seals and Nyota Uhura did 6 years ago

As much of an issue I have with Kanye and Candace Owens’s grift and trying to take credit for exposing #BLM, something Darren Seals and I did 7 years ago, I can see the bigger picture, them being exposed on a larger scale and possibly to right wing media that could dig deeper and do the same thing about the hijacking of Ferguson and murder of Darren Seals like the Gateway Pundit here, who was named as a plaintiff in the successful lawsuit against the Biden administration for working with social media for violating our First Amendment Rights. Because otherwise that truth will never reach the surface. It’s been 7 years since Leftstream media pushed false narratives/misinformation about BLM leading Ferguson and has had ample opportunity to bright the truth to light. #TheGreatestLieEverSold

Nyota Uhura Speaks On White Liberals Funding & Controlling #BLM,George Soros, & Democrat Sabotage

Darren Seals speaks out about Black Lives Matter movement (In his own words).

There are many videos, interviews and podcasts of Nyota and Darren exposing BLM, the diff is they weren’t trying to sell a dvd or tees.

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